The videos we showed at Darkstream Festival are online! Click on the YouTube - symbol up top or simply  hereDSF Thumbnail40000





What a freaky weekend! Darkstream Festival must have been the biggest Streaming Event I have ever experienced. 4 full days of streaming, commented live from Moritzbastei Leipzig, with a lot of people organizing, commenting, helping, lots of great videos and panels. It was big time! Thanks heaps for organizing something like that!

On Sunday afternoon, our little video was shown and people seemed to like it. We are very proud :) It was great to have the opportunity to show what we're doing. 

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!






As we all know, all festivals this summer have been canceled. This applies to WGT as well, of course.

A group of people around Leipzig-based author David Gray and writer M. Kruppe (and a lot of other people, of course) decided to organize a huge streaming ecent. They called for videos and a lot of bands, authors and artists agreed to take part, without any compensation, with exclusive videos or live recordings. 

So, Darkstream Festival was born. 

I was really thrilled when Simona Turini, partner in arts and KALENDARIUM mastermind, asked me to reboot the cooperation, and of course I was more than ready to do so. 

Soon we found Joe Bulla (Thanathan Media), a young video artist who did quite a lot of videos for <dE/mutE> - Tracks. 

Two of Simonas short texts plus one <dE/mutE> -Track were illustrated by Joe's irritating psychedelic visuals. 

They will be on YouTube as soon as the Festival's over!

It's great to be able to take part in such a big event. We're really looking forward to it!






We're back. New page, new layout, new content.

Please find our Facebook page on the left, a "Like" is apreciated ;)


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